My Aligned Space


about my aligned space

Imagine a home that supports your dreams, a home that makes you feel grounded, balanced, and relaxed. A home that’s a hub for joy and connection. A home that you look forward to coming home to. 

Because when your space is aligned with what you need and who you are, you allow your space to work for you and truly support you in your dream life.

hi, i'm annelies

I’m the face behind My Aligned Space. Nice to meet you! As long as I can remember, I have a passion to make things prettier and improve what isn’t working. I combined this passion with my desire to help other women thrive in their own space, not just on a practical level, but on a soul level. Because I truly believe that when you have a beautiful space to live in that supports you, you’ll be a better business owner, partner, friend, space-holder in your community, or whatever it is that sets your soul on fire. You’ll feel healthier, less stressed and overwhelmed, and more joyful. That is the power your home has!


let's make your space so good, it works for you, not against you